Settling Down In Love & Finances With Venus in Taurus

From March 16th to April 10th, the planet of love and finances, Venus, is coming home to one of its home signs, Taurus. Venus feels comfortable in Taurus because it resonates with the grounded, earthy nature of building foundations, getting our finances together, and taking things slow when it comes to love and romance. These next four weeks have us wanting security in love and finances with a lot of physical pleasure thrown in for good measure. We just have to be careful about being overly possessive, stubborn, and hedonistic.

Venus Comes Home To Taurus

In astrology, Venus is the planetary ruler of both Taurus and Libra. Venus’s association with Taurus represents the grounded expression of Venus energy through the five senses. Since Venus is all about what is pleasurable and nice, this Venus in Taurus transit definitely influences the desire to indulge in the finer things in life. Luckily, the grounded energy of Taurus reminds us that these sensual indulgences are only possible if we have the finances to do so. In some cases, there will be those who do not want to put in the work, so they will seek out people who have resources and funds so that they can indulge their materialistic wants. Nevertheless, Venus in Taurus provides a general understanding of what we have to do practically to obtain secure relationships and finances.

Love & Finances On Solid Ground

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