Juno In Taurus Seeks Commitments With A Strong Foundation

The asteroid Juno, which rules marriage and long-term relationships, moves into the stable, grounded sign of Taurus from March 11th-April 30th. Juno’s transit gives us an idea of what we want in a long-term relationship and the qualities that are most appealing to us in our partners. These transits call us to consider whether we are getting the type of long-term commitment/partnership that we desire with the person we are with. For those who are single, the Juno transit offers an opportunity to reflect on what is needed to enter and maintain a long-term relationship or marriage. Juno in Taurus is all about putting down strong foundations once and for all, especially after enjoying all the hot and heavy energy associated with Juno in Aries.

Juno in Taurus: A Grounded Marriage

During the Juno in Taurus transit, we get the opportunity to consider whether our long-term committed relationships and marriages are built on solid, secure foundations. This particular Juno placement is all about building for the long haul, so under this energy, we are considering whether we are in partnerships with people whom we can build with. This is not the energy of having a good time just for the sake of it. The desire to have a partnership where both individuals are willing to put in steady work for a successful marriage is desired. It is important during this transit to consider whether serious partners are able and willing to commit to the long work of building a grounded marriage or partnership.

Wanting To Settle Down

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