Mercury in Pisces Boosts Creativity & Imagination

On March 2nd, Mercury moves into the dreamy sign of Pisces coloring our perspectives with a lot of imagination, illusion, and a desire to idealize. This is an excellent time to focus on all things creative and choose communication that is gentle and compassionate. Given that emotions are likely to rule the mind, it’s important under the Mercury in Pisces transit that we be aware of allowing our emotions to color our perspectives as well as refusing to see reality for what it is.

A Perspective Touched By The Magical & Mystical

Mercury in Pisces thinks differently leaning towards what is magical and mystical. Over the next three weeks, we may find we are more oriented toward the imaginative and fantastical. This is an excellent time to indulge in creative endeavors as the mind is more oriented towards fluidity and open to emotional and creative processes that go beyond the typical Mercury logical and linear perspectives.

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