So Out There with Outer Planet People


Have you ever met someone that seems kind of out there? They have a very unique way of thinking and maneuvering through life? In astrology, there are certain people who are considered to be what is known as outer planet people. These particular individuals possess the energy of the outer planets which are Uranus through Pluto. Individuals with heavy Uranus through Pluto energy function differently than others as they tend to have a unique view of their life experience and a different approach to the world. Continue reading for more information about the outer planet people.

The Importance of the Outer Planets
In order to learn more about the outer planet people, it is first necessary to know about the importance of the outer planets. In astrology, the outer planets hold different energy than those planets that are closer to the sun. The outer planets are those planets located after Saturn, and they include Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Saturn along with the asteroid Chiron are very important in the evolutionary process. Saturn is the planet that teaches us lessons while the asteroid Chiron helps us deal with our own woundedness. It is only through reaching the maturation of the energies associated with both Saturn and Chiron that we are able to access the energy of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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