These Astro Signs Are The Most Emotional Of Them All

Do you know someone that always seems to be in their feelings? Do you happen to be someone that is quite passionate and expressive? There are some people who simply need to express themselves emotionally whether this is through crying or being passionate about their latest endeavors. Emotional expression should not be frowned upon which is why we’ve created this list of the zodiac signs that are most likely to show their emotions. If you think that you could possibly be part of this list, make sure to check your sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs as these personal planets channel the energy of our emotional expressions.


Topping the list for the most emotional zodiac sign is none other than Cancer. Cancer has received quite the reputation for being the sappy, tear-jerking sign of the zodiac. These individuals are quite in touch with their emotional realm, and they are not afraid to express it. They owe their deeply emotional nature to their moon rulership, which due to the fluctuating nature of lunar energy, can take Cancer on quite an emotional ride. In fact, this is a sign that can literally change emotional expression every 2 ½ days as the moon passes through the zodiac signs. What this means is that if the moon is currently in Sagittarius, Cancer is likely to have a brilliant, happy-go-lucky energy while 2 ½ days later when the moon moves into Capricorn they can all of a sudden become quite serious, ambitious, and controlling. For Cancer, emotions are life, and their ability to tap into their emotional realm allows them to form close bonds and provide the caring, nurturing maternal energy that they are well known for. It also means that cancer can be a bit emotionally erratic especially when they feel emotionally insecure.


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