How Do Your Aquarius Placements Show Up?


You don’t have to be born under the sun sign of Aquarius in order to experience Uranian energy personally. If you’ve always been a bit quirky, avant-garde with a spark of the rebellious, it may be because you have Uranus energy in your natal chart! The following is an overview of the Aquarius planetary placements and how they show up energetically. Continue to read along to find out how you embrace Aquarius energy and let your freak flag fly for all to see.

Sun in Aquarius-The Life the Innovator
If you’ve got the sun in Aquarius this means that you were born during the roughly 30-day period from January 19th to February 19th. Since the sun represents the main motivations of the personality and ego orientation, those with the sun in Aquarius have a life that is centered around the progressive, seeking that which is unusual or different from the norm and wanting to elevate self and society. These are the individuals who care deeply about humanity and the progression of society, and they value teamwork when it benefits the whole. They make excellent friends, although they can be a bit aloof at times. For the sun in Aquarius, living a life that affirms the freedom to be who they are is of the utmost importance, and they don’t just want this for themselves…they want it for all of humanity.

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