Exploring the Benefits of the Happiness Lab Podcast


The Happiness Lab uses science as a reliable approach to happiness

There are many approaches to finding happiness, depending on your life variables. The Happiness Lab is a mental wellness podcast hosted by Dr. Laurie Santos, a professional psychologist with an extensive background in the field. She has helped people clinically along with her podcast work, and her approach is from purely a scientific standpoint. She goes through various logical scientific methods and gives sound advice on the critical issues that influence our emotions.

It’s common for your brain to work against you, and becoming aware of these challenges is the first step towards actual change that can lead to happiness. She addresses the challenging aspects of life through a realistic lens and helps you tackle common issues that hinder overall satisfaction. The most profound topics include discussing the grieving process during death and how to gain control of your emotions when they take over during challenging times.

Dives into specific topics that help you to be happier overall

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