How to Publish: The Best Podcasts About Independent Publishing

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Sure you have! Well, most likely you have because according to a writer named Joseph Epstein, exactly 81% of all humans believe they have a book in them that needs to be written. While we cannot be certain of the facts behind these numbers or the research involved, we can go ahead and take Mr. Epstein’s word for it because it sounds about right. Reducing that down, it means about four out of every five people have an idea for a book. From there it’s up to them whether they want to tackle that great endeavor.

Now here’s the thing—at the turn of the millennium, most of these aspiring book authors would have been discouraged. While the technology was there to write a novel on word processing software, which most writers believe makes authoring simpler than writing on a typewriter, the obstacles that needed to be overcome in order to publish a book were relatively insurmountable. Sure, you could submit your manuscript to publishing houses (and of course, authors still do this), but the competition is fierce, and the rejection may be endless. For those that would want to skip all of that anxiety, publishing independently through a vanity imprint was an option—but a very expensive option. Not only would you need to pay for the publisher to publish your book, you would also need to commit to paying for a certain number of copies. And once you had those copies, you’d need to store them somewhere.

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