What Does it Truly Mean to Be Happy? The Happiness Lab Podcast Answers This

You may have heard Dr. Laurie Santos’ name, and for good reason. She is a professor at Yale who studies all things happiness. Her course, called “The Science of Happiness,” is one of the Ivy League school’s most popular. Around 2020, a time when many people worldwide were searching for meaning and happiness, Dr. Santos decided to take happiness education beyond Yale, offering the course through Coursera and launching a podcast.

The podcast, The Happiness Lab, debuted in late 2019. But it has increased in meaning over time, as the world grapples with the impact of COVID-19, crises and more. Since The Happiness Lab could be meaningful to many of our audience, read our review of the podcast to determine whether or not you would like to download it.

The Lowdown on the Podcast

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