Ethical, Responsible Astrology & Why it Matters

With astrology being all the rave right now, practicing astrology in a responsible manner is important. Astrology is an informative science that offers the potential for great self-exploration and discovery when used to affirm the ability to lead a conscious life. Unfortunately, there are circumstances where astrology is not always used for self-edification and self-awareness. While the planets may have an impact on the human condition, astrology does not and never will take the place of free will and choice.

What is Responsible Astrology?

Responsible astrology is the idea of using and applying astrology in a way that affirms an individual and their ability to make conscious choices. Given that astrology is the study of the effect of planetary energies on the human condition, there are instances where people may believe that the planetary energies completely control who they are and how their entire lives pan out.

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