Romancing A Gemini For Long-Term

Given that it is Gemini season, let’s consider delving into the love lives of this dual-bodied sign. One of the biggest complaints that some people have about Gemini is that it’s very difficult to get them to commit to a relationship. This is a sign that is always willing to meet new people and explore new personalities, and they’re always looking to socialize. However, Gemini is not always up for settling down too soon. Even if they have planets in nearby Cancer, Gemini still likes to be engaged with other people’s energy. Depending on what type of sign is interested in Gemini this can spell trouble in the relationship. Thus, getting a Gemini to commit can be tricky…similar to the energy of Gemini itself. The following is just an overview offering details on what intrigues Gemini and what might make them consider a long-term arrangement.

Getting Gemini’s Attention

One of the most important parts of engaging with a Gemini is actually getting their attention. Gemini usually has a very short attention span in regards to people, places, and things. Thus, it will take someone really interesting to keep this very mercurial sign engaged. In reality, all you can do is be yourself if you want to attract Gemini. You really can’t be anything other than who you really are. Gemini will either like you or not. Ultimately, Gemini is seeking that which is engaging and interesting. Thus, there are going to be some people who are less interesting to someone with a lot of Gemini energy. If you are interested in getting Gemini’s attention, the best thing you can do is just offer great conversation as they love to talk, communicate, and learn about new things. A person that can be a good conversationalist will definitely catch Gemini’s attention.

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