When Being Cheesy is Good, Making a Comfort Food More Comfortable

One of the foods that we all seem to go for at some time is macaroni and cheese. No other dish offers us both simplicity and allows us to be as complicated as we want it to be. Even for the lactose-intolerant, a bowl of macaroni and cheese offers a solid dose of comfort. While the basics are pretty simple, and most people can create some version of the dish, even if they need to rely on the box or microwavable version. It is a dish that remains a favorite, and for good reason.

Keeping It Simple

Sometimes the best recipes are the simplest. This simple three-ingredient macaroni and cheese recipe should be enough to get you started. When possible, get the sharpest cheese you can for the best flavor. Also, avoid pre-shredded cheese whenever possible; it usually comes coated with a preservative that hinders its ability to melt, and you want as much melting as possible. Lastly, remember to never freeze any version of macaroni and cheese; it may change the texture to something you do not like.

Having A Little More Fun

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