Celebrate the Festivity of Thanksgiving with these Big ideas for a Small Cozy Feast

Downsized Thanksgiving recipes perfect for your small holiday gathering

When it comes to a traditional Thanksgiving, many of us are prepared to pull out all the stops and feed a small army of friends and relatives. However, with families across the country practicing social distancing and downsizing their guest lists, Thanksgiving dinner will be a much smaller and more intimate affair for most of us this season. This doesn’t mean the holiday has to be any less warm, festive, special, elegant or delicious, it just means we need to make a little less food! How do you prepare a lavish feast for few with portions that won’t leave you with leftovers until the new year? Our favorite recipes stick to a small size without sacrificing any delightful details. Try these handpicked treats for a happy holiday meal plan sure to impress your tiny crowd and leave them sleepy and full.

Start The Party

Fresh and fabulous, these light and airy appetizers are a perfect teaser for your celebration feast. Fruits and veggies get a fancy makeover for crowd-pleasing canapes. These tasty dishes are small plate friendly and give your guests something to nibble while you put the final touches on your culinary masterpiece.

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