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United States Has One Million New Covid Cases in November

Governors Ask for Help As Covid Cases Climb

One Million New Covid Cases in America – November isn’t even half way over, and there have already been one million confirmed cases of Covid 19. An analysis that was done by John Hopkins University showed that 45 states had a higher number of positive cases than the previous week. Experts are predicting that things will get worse before they get better. The colder weather will force more people to gather inside. There will also be holiday gatherings. Experts think that December and January will be the worst months of the pandemic.

The Midwest is one of the parts of the country that has experienced a drastic increase in new cases. Tim Walz is the governor of Minnesota. He has imposed new restrictions in order to stop the virus from spreading. He has placed limits on the number of people who could be inside of a restaurant. Illinois is also placing new restrictions. Additionally, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds stated that people will now be required to wear a mask in public places.

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