The Star Tarot Card: Mysteries Uncovered

The Star is the 17th of the 22 Major Arcana. Often misunderstood, The Star is one of the most mysterious cards in the Tarot. It stands for the future, prophetic visions, and spiritual revelations. The symbol is associated both with mystic wise men and biblical prophets divining the future. Naturally, probing the mysteries of the future is full of peril. The reverse attribute of The Star can be madness and loss of vision. The Star is the horoscope card and is the card Astrologer’s concentrate on when they divine the future. The Star holds many promises, knowledge of love. A good relationship and financial gain are all in your hands if you are willing to pay the price.

The Star card shows a naked woman stooped near a small body of water. She holds two cups of water, the cup in her left hand represents the subconscious and the cup in her right hand the conscious. Her one container is poured into the Earth and represents rebirth and grounding of vision. The greenery all around her symbolizes the cycle of life and death that play out around all of us. The other cup pours water back into the ocean from which all life initially came. It shows the depth of knowledge and the promise of eternal wisdom. The water connects her to the star sign Aquarius in a horoscope.

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