Communicate in Peace with Mercury in Libra


On August 30, 2021, Mercury the messenger of the zodiac, shifts into the relationship-oriented and harmony and balanced sign of Libra. For the next couple of weeks, our communication styles will lean towards compromise and diplomacy. Many of us will find that the best way to get our point across this to try to see other perspectives and aim for cooperation. To learn more about the Mercury in Libra transit, continue to read on.

When Mercury Transits Libra
When the planet of communication, Mercury, transits the airy sign of Libra, we are much more likely to seek communication with others. This is because leave Libra is a social sign that enjoys interacting with people. Libra finds that it operates best when it has someone to explore ideas and perspectives. During Mercury’s transit of Libra, we are more likely to seek the opinions and perspectives of others. Having other people around gives us the opportunity to see and experience viewpoints that we may never have considered. As a Venus-ruled sign, Libra is also oriented towards what is pleasant. Thus, during this Mercury in Libra transit, we are more likely to be a bit more congenial when it comes to our communication styles.

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