Diving Deep with Scorpio Season

It’s official, on October 23, 2021, the sun officially moves into the sign of Scorpio. Get ready to explore the complexities of life as Scorpio is never afraid to go deep. Think shadow work, obsession, passion, jealousy, manipulation, and transformation. Scorpio season provides us with the deep lesson that transformation is a journey that involves facing what is not always so “nice” so that we can ultimately transform into a higher state of being.

The Season of the Scorpion

Dark, brooding, and mysterious. These are all traits to describe one of the most infamous signs of the zodiac…Scorpio the sign ruled by Pluto. True to its nature, Scorpio is one of those signs that people sometimes either really love or really hate. This feeling about Scorpios relates to the extremist energy that is also associated with Scorpio as a sign. Scorpios possess a magnetism and a depth that’s very attractive to some. Even those who are somewhat put off by Scorpionic/Plutonic energy seem to be drawn to its depth that other signs simply don’t possess. At the same time, Scorpio is also known for its infamous stinger. There are numerous accounts of the Scorpionic obsession and manipulation and its intent on getting back at anyone that may attempt to do them harm.

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