Google will Pay Off Student Loan Debt of up to $2,500 per Year for Full-Time Employees


Search giant Google has recently decided to add yet another perk for its employees. This is to give employees who are full-time as much as $2,500 per year to pay for student loans. This new initiative is a way for Google to compete with other companies in a time when many of the perks normally found inside of an office are unavailable because of the coronavirus pandemic. This offer comes after company representatives talked to a number of Black employee groups to help to rectify the problem of minorities being much more likely to have problems with paying for student loans.

This new program will begin in 2021 according to Google representatives, who verified the news by telling employees this past week. “College degrees are out of reach for too many people around the world, and the soaring student loan debt crisis has widened an already pervasive wealth gap, globally,” said John Casey, one of Google’s top ranking officials in charge of the initiative. This will be an effort to help with an already out of control student loan debt faced by Americans that has reached more than $1.5 trillion dollars.

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