Google tells Employees to get used to Working from Home for Another Year


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many have lost their jobs, and those who have kept them have had to redirect their workspace into their homes. People have grown from novices to near-experts with things like teleconferencing and using webcam technology. Although some might expect this pandemic to be resolved by the end of the year and for work life to go back to normal, it’s unlikely to be at that simple. Google recently said that people could be working from home for at least another year. With this information, employees and employers need to be prepared for a 2021 that requires continued working from home.

One of the biggest companies in the tech industry and beyond, Google was initially banking on employees being able to return to normal work circumstances by the end of 2020. However, when CEO Sundar Pichai spoken with them on Monday, he said it wouldn’t be until July 2021 that many of them would be able to come back to work. Concern was expressed for health of employees and their family.

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