Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Google Maps will soon tell you exactly where COVID-19 Hotspots are around the World

The search giant is adding a "COVID" layer to its popular maps feature


Google Maps is about to add yet another useful layer to its interface. The search giant has announced that Google Maps will have information about COVID-19 cases on a state, city and county level. This new “COVID” layer on Google Maps will give those using it a look at an average number of these cases for the past seven days and assign a color to them depending on the severity. In addition, those viewing the map this way will be able to see if cases are increasing or decreasing. Google is rolling this feature out this week on both the Android and the iPhone.

This highly useful data is gathered from a few sources, including the New York Times, Wikipedia and Johns Hopkins‘ dashboard focusing on COVID-19. The data compiled by these specific sources comes from places like the World Health Organization, a number of local health officials, and the hospitals themselves. A large amount of this data is already being used by the tech giant in searches already too. Having this information readily available to the more than one billion people who frequent Google Maps should help to boost overall awareness about the ongoing pandemic.

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