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Google Maps introduces several new features to benefit small businesses


Nearly every organization has been forced to adopt some pretty drastic changes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Google is one of them. On both their desktop site and their mobile app, Google has just recently implemented some fairly drastic updates to their maps feature in order to help small companies succeed during the crisis.

Amazingly, the increase in traffic on Google for keywords like “takeout near me” is up 260% since February and has since reached an all-time high in the month of April. The same can be said for terms like “how to help small businesses”. In fact, Google had more temporary and permanent businesses close in March and April than all of 2019 and the experts are predicting more than 100,000 of these types of commercial undertakings have shut their doors since March. Clearly adding new features is in Google, the customers in need of services, and small businesses themselves best interest’s at this time.

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