Making the Most of Frequent Flier Miles and Hotel Points During the Coronavirus


COVID-19 isn’t fun for anyone. With the dangers of flying to tourist locations, and a lack of flights in the first place, travel has taken a big dip during this crisis. Let’s take a look at what to do with your frequent flier miles and hotel points when you can’t travel.

Save points
Saving your hard-earned miles and points is a great course of action. Airlines and hotels are aware of the current state of affairs, and they have been relaxing their policies on these points. Many companies are simply delaying the expiration date on these points until after the pandemic ends, which means there’s no rush to travel and use them up. Contact your airline for more details and the deadlines they are extending. If you work with a travel agency, make sure to stay in touch so they can calculate your future rewards. It’s not obvious how things will pan out after the virus, so contact them regularly and see what types of offers they can put on the table. You have a couple of ways of managing your points. In this day and era, one of the best ways is going online and accessing your account through your internet browser. Not only can you count how many points you’ve earned, but you can also check on the standing of your account. Alternatively, call the airline directly and inquire about how many miles you have. This is a good option when you want direct customer service and answers right away.

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