European Union Considers Restricting Americans from Entering


The European Union (EU) earned the attention of the world when it learned the EU’s “safe countries list” may not include the United States. The safe countries list refers to countries the EU will accept travelers from as its borders are reopened and is being developed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19, also referred to as the coronavirus, is a public health threat, so the European Union is establishing standards for restoring some international travel into the 26-member countries.

To determine which countries to include on the EU safe countries list, international countries are assessed based on three criteria. First, the non-EU country should have a virus transmission rate that is at least equal to or less than the average transmission rate in the European Union. Second, the foreign country must have containment measures implemented at their airports and on modes of transportation like airlines. Third, the country must allow European Union travelers to enter.

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