What Are Travelers Looking for in 2022? Check Out These Top Trends

After being cooped up for nearly two years, many families are itching to get back on the road again for new travel experiences. While the world is beginning to open up to travelers, there is still no doubt that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the driving influence in the latest travel trends. Here are 10 of the top travel trends for the year 2022.

Last-Minute Travel

With the pandemic still disrupting travel, many travelers are shying away from booking trips far into the future. There is still a great amount of uncertainty surrounding travel in the coming months, making people hesitant about putting down a significant amount of money on trips that may be disrupted by COVID-19. This is making last-minute travel bookings a more attractive option to travelers who may have normally preferred to book far in advance. The most popular online travel portals are reporting an increase in the number of last-minute travel bookings, signaling that people are leaning into this way of travel.


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