Big Tech CEO’s on Capitol Hill: Highlights from their testimonies


Wednesday, July 29 marked the beginning of the latest round of hearings between lawmakers and the heads of four tech giants, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple. The highly anticipated hearing was pushed back because of the death of Georgia Representative John Lewis, and the extra wait still led to a day full of notable words. These tech titans conducted this session over videoconferencing software, which made for an even more eventful afternoon. This was Silicon Valley’s day to be at the front of the news and at times it played out like the HBO show of the same name. Below is a chronological look at some of the major moments of the first full day of the hearing.

Opening Remarks
The day featured a wide assortment of speakers. At the start of the hearing, a few initial statements were made. Representative David Cicilline, the chairman of the House panel on antitrust labeled the four companies “emperors of the online economy” while he also pointed out that the pandemic could help to make them even more dominant.

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