Here are Tips on How to Cheat at ‘Among Us’ like a Pro and Not Get Caught

Among Us is one of the hottest games on the market right now, with millions of people across the world downloading the app in order to play with their friends. The game is a deceptively simple combination of basic tasks and subterfuge, charging most of the players with conducting basic tasks while avoiding getting taken out by a single saboteur. A huge part of the game’s fun, though, comes from figuring out who to vote out of the game and who to keep.

While cheating might seem like it’s against the spirit of the game, so much of Among Us is really about subterfuge and gaming the system. The key to becoming a great cheater in this game isn’t always to be an Among Us Hacker, but rather to learn how to cheat without getting caught. Luckily, there are already a few tried-and-true strategies to break the game without anyone being the wiser.

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