GameStop: Comes out on top during the COVID-19 Pandemic


While in-store sales at GameStop locations have dropped by 30% during the period of time between February and early May of 2020, this was due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While many might think that this is yet another nail in the coffin of this particular store dedicated to all things gaming, there has been a silver lining. Despite 85% of all US GameStop locations having reduced their service approaches to limited access for customers if not curbside-only, the company has seen a 519% surge in its e-commerce division. At the end of the latest figures for the company’s first fiscal quarter, GameStop suffered a net loss of roughy $166 million yet garnered net sales of just over $1 billion.

George Sherman, CEO of GameStop, remarked that while this is an unprecedented time for many businesses, its top priority is the safety and health of everyone it deals with, whether they be customers who buy the product, employees who handle, market and upsell those products or the business partners that ensure GameStop has the best accessories and exclusives. He reiterated that this concern remains even as stores begin to reopen or have restrictions lifted. Sherman also commended employees’ ability to adjust to the situation as demand for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox titles surges.

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