Xbox Gets Ready to Launch its Vision of the Future


Game streaming has been a goal for developers for over a decade, even before OnLive became available in 2010. It’s now a reality: there’s Sony Playstation Now, Nvidia GeForce Now, and even Antstream Arcade for the retro game fans. Google Stadia, launched in November 2019, promised to take game streaming to an entirely new level but fell short of what it promised. It lacked in both games and features until recently.

Microsoft, with Xbox Series X, set to launch later year, has been testing its game streaming service, xCloud. The service had a preview period this spring. Recently Microsoft announced that xCloud would be available in beta, on September 15th for customers signed up with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft priced the subscription at $14.99 per month and includes Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass, and now the xCloud game streaming service. The only caveat is you have to have an Android device or a PC to take advantage of the service. And Similar to Google Stadia and other services, customers will also need a 10mbs internet connection or 5ghz mobile connection to stream at the minimum quality.

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