Will a 2nd Stimulus Bill pass before the Election?


The shutdown of the United States economy began as COVID-19 cases skyrocketed in America in the middle of March. As businesses were forced to shutdown, unemployment claims skyrockets and millions of hard-working Americans were told to stay home from work and file for unemployment. Congress then eventually signed the CARES Act which provides much-needed money to businesses, families, and several industries that were affected in a negative way.

There has been an ongoing negotiation in Washington as to whether another stimulus bill should be passed before the election. Many economic experts believe that the economy needs one final boost to aid the recovery process. Almost everyone is in favor of a rapid economic recovery, although some democrats are growing concerned that too fast of a recovery could hurt them politically during the election. Both parties have introduced their own stimulus plans and they are widely apart in many different ways. Republicans are targeting a smaller stimulus plan because they don’t believe trillions of dollars should be spent on a political wish list for the opposing party. On the other hand, Democrats believe that Republicans aren’t budging enough in terms of financial relief for states. Democrats also want to provide more funding for the postal service because they believe they can lean the election in their favor with mail-in voting.

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