Why do Women Read the Bible More Than Men?


There might be a difference between the number of men who regularly spend time reading the Bible and women. It may be something caused by our society. It may be because men do not feel they have the strength to do it after they work a physically demanding job. It could be for the same reason that a girl often makes better grades in school, or more women attend college than men. It could be that they deem reading the Bible too difficult academically. We may never know why this seems to be the trend. However, the question does raise several talking points. I do not know much about different denominations, so my observations, opinions, and ideas mostly come from a “Baptist’s perception.” Not only are fewer men reading the Bible, but fewer are praying or attending church as well. There is also the possibility that fewer men read the Bible than women is not true, but it seems that way. If the idea came from some kind of poll, there is the possibility that men were just more comfortable answering “no” to the question “Do you read the Bible?” than women were.

Men As Spiritual Leaders
Levi was the third son of Jacob and Leah. He was the first leader of the tribe of Levi.
The men of Levi got put in charge of spiritual leadership in Israel by God. They were to take turns working in the temple. Their work included taking care of sacrifices, prayer, and providing other Israeli people’s spiritual needs. The men of Levi counted God as their leader in everything. They answered only to God. Their wives considered their husbands, their spiritual leader. If the man turned away from God, his entire family would suffer an impact. In the New Testament, Ephesians 5:22-33 teaches the same system within families today. One of the main problems named today in our society is a lack of fathers, and it is vitally important, but a bigger problem is a lack of fathers who love the Lord. Single mothers, grandparents, or the state in which they live raising children is not a new problem. Many fathers today were raised without a father in their home. They never had the example of living in a family in service to the Lord and obedient to God. They never lived where it became assumed they were going to church, and no one ever asked, “Are we going to Church?”

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