Keeping Your Faith During A Pandemic


Depending on what state you live in, you may be experiencing complete isolation. In some places restrictions have been placed on church attendance, or if they are allowed to attend, they are often being told how to run their services, telling them not to participate in singing, hand-shaking, or Sunday-school.

These things have put many people in hard places emotionally. There is a reason God told us to congregate, we need each other. Isolation is used as a punishment in prisons because it is a very powerful deterrent. As you endure the hardships of this virus, you are probably willing to do whatever the officials recommend or tell us to do, but even though we all mentally understand the point in staying away from crowds of people as much as possible, we still yearn for things to return to normal. There are some things we can do and think about to help us not to feel like our faith is being shaken.

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