10 Ethnic Recipes to Branch Out of the Usual Dinner

If you are looking for new ways to jazz up your meal repertoire, it may be that you simply need to get out of your cooking rut by trying some ethnic recipes. While it may be intimidating at first to get started with ethnic cooking, you will be glad that you pushed yourself out of your culinary comfort zone. Here are 10 of the best ethnic recipes that you may want to consider trying tonight for dinner.

German Potato Dumplings: These pillowy German potato dumplings are the perfect comfort food. The savory dumplings are topped with browned butter for the ultimate indulgence. Feel free to top them with chives, crumbled bacon, sauteed mushrooms, or whatever you fancy. Serve these dumplings as a stand-alone entree paired with a green salad or use them as a hearty side dish to complement a German pork roast. Either way, everyone around the table will go crazy for this unique dumpling rendition.

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