7 Step by Step Tips On How To Change Bad Habits


According to Saint Augustine, a famous religious leader in the 19th century, habit, if not resisted, becomes a necessity. A bad habit may sometimes be so much ingrained into our normal lives that we can’t seem to notice it. Bad habits can range from the simple behavior of reaching out to your phone when you wake up to frequent smoking or alcohol intake. It takes a lot of effort, planning, and self-drive to stop a habit and break the cycle. In most cases, an individual may result in seeking professional help from a therapist or a psychiatrist. Others may opt to initiate the change to stop the bad or unhealthy habit. Here are some tips on how one can break the cycle of bad habits.

Acknowledge and decide to change.
The genesis of any action is decision-making. When an individual sits down and makes that personal decision to change their ways, there is no turning back. It has been proven that writing down important decisions will facilitate the individual to actualize their plans. You do not have to wait to reach rock bottom so that you can initiate change. There is no better time to start the process of healing other than now.

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