These Energetic Shifts are taking place in March


This is a general astrological overview for all signs for March 2020. There are several important energetic shifts to take heed of in order to make the best use of these energies.

Venus in Taurus
The beginning of March starts off with a tense square between Venus and Saturn on March 3rd which could have some feeling a bit insecure as it relates to the Venus themes of money, career, possessions, self-worth, and love and relationships. Two days later on March 5th, the Venus moves into the sign of Taurus and then conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on March 8th further highlighting the focus on Venus issues. You may find that you are experiencing changes (Uranus) in your value system (Taurus) as it relates to money, possessions, self-worth and relationships. If you were feeling a bit insecure at the beginning of the month with the Venus/Saturn square, the shift of Venus into Taurus on March 8th prompts you to consider the changes you may need to make to be more fulfilled in this area of your life.

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