The Importance of Solar & Lunar Energy in the Natal Chart

Both the Sun and the Moon play a very significant role in astrology. The luminaries are the planetary bodies that give off light. Within a natal chart, the zodiac sign of the sun and moon, the house placements, and the aspects of the luminaries can greatly affect a person’s behavior. Understanding the significance of the luminaries in the birth chart enables us to thoroughly understand what motivates us.


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The Significance of the Sun & Moon
There are several reasons why luminaries are important in astrology. The sun and the moon represent the parental figures with the moon representing the mother and the sun representing the father. The astrology signs, house placements, and aspects of the sun and the moon can tell us how we experienced our parents. Likewise, the sun is representative of our ego-self and offers insight into our core character while the moon offers a glimpse into our emotional selves-particularly the part that we keep hidden from others. Because the sun and moon are so crucial to our character and development, it is important that we make an effort to fulfill both the sun’s ego desires as well as the moon’s deep-seated subconscious needs.

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