Does your horoscope determine your style? The answer might surprise you!

Shoot for the moon, but dress for the stars.


Are you a fashionable and savvy stargazer? Do you check you horoscope and plan your eye makeup accordingly? Is your amazon wish list full of star sign jewelry and those cute shoes you can’t quite pull the trigger on? If the cosmos has a plan for us all, you don’t have to let it stop at a daily horoscope. The things that make your star sign uniquely you can help you match your look to your innate attributes, unlocking the beauty potential that was written in your stars. What does your sign say about your fashion sense? You’d be surprised!

Aries – The Ram
The word we’re looking for here, Aries, is FIERCE. Bold and daring choices suit you best because, as a true trendsetter, anything you wear is the right choice. Brave enough to know that fierce doesn’t have to equal flashy or flamboyant, your strength lies in straight clean lines and structured simplicity. When it comes to color, simple bold classics like black, white and red channel your natural passion. Like their spiral horned symbol rams are ruled by the head, so accessories that draw attention to your head and face help highlight your natural charisma. From a soft slouchy beanie to a dramatic earring, finish your look with your own kind of crown and step out like royalty.

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