Flu To Coronavirus – Tips On How To Protect You And Your Loved Ones


Each year, various strains of influenza, known to many simply as “the flu,” strikes about eight percent of the United States population. The Center For Disease Control, a United States government agency charged with monitoring health and containing the spread of illnesses, compiled statistics concluding that more than 26,000,000 cases of the illness are diagnosed per year.

Sometimes, the disease becomes so prevalent in a given area that epidemics occur. The illness is easily spread through simple actions like coughing and sneezing, have the potential to cause serious illness and is of particular concern to the young, elderly or in those with compromised immune systems. Compounding matters in recent times is the spread of the potentially deadly coronavirus. Seemingly everyday, another alarming news story appears offering morbid accounts of how the ailment that originated in China has spread to another region of the world.

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