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COVID-19 Amplifies the Moving Trends of 2019

Figures released for 2019 show the migration forced on the people of the U.S. by COVID-19 has its roots in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much of the landscape of the U.S. since New York became its epicenter in March 2020. The record number of Americans being affected by the virus continues to grow, with states across the nation seeing changes in their populations. News outlets and political figures continue to blame COVID-19 for the movement of millions of Americans out of major cities, but others dispute the claims the virus is to blame.

Each year, the moving industry reports on the number of people moving out of states and into others. The figures in the 2020 report on the migration of Americans show a change has been coming for a decade. The states mentioned in the 2019 report are many of those featuring in news reports about the movement of people because of COVID-19. At the top of the list of states, people are fleeing are New Jersey and New York, which have seen a decline for the last decade.

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