Why Aries Is The Best Competitor

Aries, as the first zodiac sign, you are in it to win it! With your Mars rulership, it’s all about taking action and establishing yourself as number one. Aries can teach all of us about taking charge of our lives and using our drive and ambition to make something of ourselves. Let’s explore why Aries is all about competing to win.

Aries, The First Born

As the firstborn of the zodiac, Aries is innately oriented toward the number one spot. They don’t have the baggage of the past holding them back. All Aries knows is that they are finally here in the flesh, and now it’s time to make something of this new experience. With the energy of being the firstborn, Aries wants to make their mark. It’s for this reason that they can be quite adamant about stepping out on their own. You don’t have to wonder whether Aries is going to make a move, because it’s in their nature due to their cardinal energy to take action. Coinciding with the spring equinox, Aries is all about new beginnings that can only happen if we are willing to make ourselves a number one priority. So, as the firstborn of the zodiac, Aries sets off the astrological experience with its innovative, bold, number one energy.

A Natural Born Winner

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