Why Aquarius Is Always The Odd One Out

Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarius is definitely the rebel. They just have this innate desire to be their authentic selves even if it means going against the grain. The rebellious nature of Aquarius is attributed to its planetary ruler Uranus. The electric blue planet is known for orbiting around the sun north to south while the other planets orbit east to west. This eccentric behavior is exactly what makes Aquarius the odd one out. Sometimes it’s necessary to have that one person that’s willing to go against the usual, and there’s no sign that does it better than Aquarius.

The Aquarius-Uranus Effect

Aquarius has its ruler Uranus to think for all of its quirky, rebellious energy. Uranus is the planet that is known for causing chaos as well as liberation. It’s all about how Aquarius chooses to use Uranus energy. The unique part of Aquarius is that it is here to honor its own uniqueness while also recognizing the individuality and quirks of others. Aquarius understands that it’s possible for everyone to have their own preferences while still being connected. In fact, Aquarius even encourages it. This is the one sign that doesn’t have an issue with people being different as long as everyone can respect each other.

Uranus: The Electric Planet

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