The Moon and Emotional Satisfaction


Our moon placement is significantly important to our fulfillment in this lifetime. So many of us navigate this physical realm feeling very unsettled and unhappy with our lives. We often think that there is someone or something outside of ourselves that can fill that void, but in many circumstances, even when we seek something outside of ourselves the feeling of emptiness still remains. The sign and house position of the moon in our natal charts reveal what we need subconsciously in order to feel safe and secure. Associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, this is the mother placement where our desires to be nurtured, taken care of, and given a safe place to rest are fulfilled. If we were not provided with the proper lunar fulfillment in our formative years, it is even more important to make sure that we acknowledge and then take action to fulfill the needs of our lunar position.

The Moon and Emotional Fulfillment
Everyone has specific emotional needs that must be met in order to feel safe and secure within this experience. No two individuals are alike in their emotional needs. In general, the moon sign as well as the placement describes characteristics needed for us to feel nurtured and the ways in which we seek out and give nurturing. Even if two people have the same moon sign, other variances such as the house placements and aspects create different emotional desires.

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