Stability, Liberty, and Security: Sun In Taurus Trine Pluto In Capricorn

Today’s astrological planetary connections will have you examining how authority and power plays a role in your sense of security. First we will take a look at the main planetary connections themselves–and then dive deeper, looking at how the two interact and how it is manifesting in your life.

Sun In Taurus

When the center of our solar system enters earth-sign Taurus, the result is a stabilization of the sense of self. Sun is also the chief planet of the zodiac sign Leo–which is all about the glory of who you really are. This may or may not have an immediately stabilizing effect on you–it all depends on how much of your stability is built on a solid foundation. Remember, if you’re used to instability, the process of becoming stable can feel a lot more like instability than the chaos you are accustomed to.

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