When Opposites Attract: Discovering the Astro Axis

While most people are aware of astrological compatibility based on the elements such as fire, water, air, and earth, are you aware that the opposite zodiac signs are also naturally attracted to each other? Why is this? Because the opposite signs on the zodiac axis while different are also the same. These opposite signs provide each other balance that creates wholeness, which is why they are so naturally attracted despite their differences.

The Axis Of Opposites

In all, there are 12 zodiac signs with six pairings across the zodiac axis. These six pairings represent opposites that seem to be different but are also the same. So, how is it possible for opposing zodiac signs to be simultaneously the same and different? This is because opposite astrology signs possess similar characteristics that are expressed in different ways. While these opposite zodiac signs represent opposite signs of the same coin, they are still part of the same coin. This is the definitive feature that creates both the attraction and repulsion of the opposite zodiac signs.

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