Inquisitive Love with Venus in Gemini

From May 8th to June 2nd, Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and relationships enters the airy, curious sign of Gemini. Gemini is a precocious sign that truly enjoys interaction and communicating. Anything less is quite a bore for this very intellectual, easy-breezy sign. For the next couple of weeks, get ready to explore your options when it comes to love and relationships. Whether you are on the dating scene or simply looking to add some variety to your existing relationship, Venus in Gemini offers this and much more.

When Venus Visits Gemini

So, what’s it like when the planet Venus transits the sign of Gemini? Love and relationships are approached from an inquisitive, logical perspective. Gemini wants to be engaged and enjoys learning about new people. In reality, the getting-to-know-you phase is oftentimes what interests Venus in Gemini the most. Now, keeping Gemini engaged…well, that is another story, and during this transit, many of us may find that it is harder to remain engaged. It is as if we get bored easily with people that simply do not pique our interest. We want to experience that which is intriguing. We want to learn about a person, collect information, pick brains, and do it over and over again.

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