Into The Unknown: Trusting Your Intuition and Untangling Your Shadows During Scorpio Season

Scorpio season begins October 23 and will continue until November 21 as the northern hemisphere deepens its descent into earthen slumber. As verdant life begins to wither and autumnal winds sweep through the streets and fields, we inevitably seek refuge in the warmth of our homes–and so too does the spirit retreat inwards for the true warmth of the hearth of the soul. Scorpio season is all about this retreat into the deeper parts of the self.

Light and Shadow

Of all the dualistic concepts that generate our lives, circumstances, and identities, none is so all-encompassing and powerful as that of the light and shadow. Darkness, which represents not only the unseen or unknown but also the unconscious, the unaware, the bad, the evil, and the frightening, conceptually serves as an indicator towards light, which is perceived as sacred, conscious, enlightened, good, right, and healing.

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