What Type of Leo Are You? Your Leo Decan Reveals All

Have you ever wondered why you as a Leo act differently from some of your other Leo counterparts? Have you ever wondered why you prefer some Leo’s over others? All Leos share the commonality of the sun rulership, but did you know that within the zodiac sign of Leo there are planetary sub rulers marked by decans? Each of the zodiac signs has three divisions with its own secondary rulers. These secondary rulers accent the Leo sun energy with additional planetary energy. Continue to read on to find out your Leo decan and how it adds a splash of something different to your Leo energy.

The Decans in Astrology

The concept of the decans in astrology is linked to the Egyptian astrologer Ptolemy. Basically, a decan is a section of a sign marked by specific degrees. Each zodiac sign is composed of 30 degrees and within these 30 degrees are three sections of 10 degrees which makes up the three decans of each zodiac sign. In all, there are 36 decans that cover the 360 degrees of astrological energies.

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