Dreams Gone By with Vesta Retrograde in Pisces

From July 8th to October 5th, the asteroid Vesta moves retrograde through the signs of Pisces and Aquarius. Vesta’s retrograde movement marks a time of inner reflection on what feeds our eternal flame. When speaking of the eternal flame, this is the inner essence of ourselves that keeps our passion and vitality alive.

While Vesta transits Pisces, many of us have been called to care for ourselves and others with deep empathy and compassion. It is also likely that some of us have experienced periods of sabotage through our own doing or through association with others. As Vesta turned inwards, we have the opportunity to assess whether we are heeding the call of the soul. Are we making ourselves eternal victims keeping ourselves trapped by escaping from reality? Are we dedicated to the spiritual mission that is unique to each of us? These are some of the questions that will come up for us to consider as Vesta retrogrades in Pisces.

The Significance of Vesta

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