The Light of Self Love: Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus

This week’s moon is not only a full moon, it is also a Beaver Moon and a Blood Moon. Beaver Moon is both an indigenous and colonial North American term for the time of year when beavers finished making their dams in preparation for winter, so the Beaver Moon symbolizes the beginning of preparations for the coldest months of the year. A blood moon is the term for a full lunar eclipse because it gives the moon a warm, reddish tinge. Technically, an eclipse refers to the point at which the Earth is exactly equidistant between the Moon and Sun. Although most of the light rays emanating from the Sun are blocked by the Earth, the light waves that are long enough (red/orange light) manage to bend around the curve of our planet and bathe the Moon in their hue.

Full moons are, astrologically speaking, a time of fruition and release. At these times of the month, emotions may be high and subconscious patterns may be coming to a head, but it is all a process that will guide you in perceiving patterns and truth which may have been dancing at the edge of the subconscious, not fully yet entering the realm of comprehension–and, thus, release. The full moon represents total illumination, which is in itself metaphor for full comprehension. In this way the moon is a vehicle to better understand the purpose of duality in our lives, and how we can empower ourselves by better understanding the metaphors all around us.


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