Progressive Moves Forward With Uranus Direct in Taurus

On January 23rd, Uranus finally moves direct in the sign of Taurus after several months retrograde. We’ve had time to consider the impact of the progressive effects of the long-term Uranus in Taurus transit. With the forward movement of Uranus, we have the green light to make changes and finally release commonplace so that we can actually move forward and progress. True to the nature of Uranus, progression is guaranteed…even if doing so makes us uncomfortable.

A Review Of Your Progress: Uranus Retrograde

Uranus went retrograde in Taurus on August 24, 2022, creating a reprieve for us to consider how we have been dealing with the progressive energy of Uranus. Honestly, Uranus in Taurus is not the most comfortable as these two energies clash due to their inherent differences. Uranus is all about thinking outside the box and pushing against the status quo whereas Taurus is all about laying down foundations, staying put, and maintaining tradition. So, we can see how these two energies can bump heads.

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