Get Bold In Your Relationships With Juno in Aries


From January 12th to March 10th, the asteroid Juno transits the fiery, bold sign of Aries. In astrology, Juno rules marriage and long-term partnerships. Under the Juno in Aries transit, we appreciate a dash of dominance and boldness in our long-term partnerships. Under this energy, we take a direct approach when dealing with our partners, and if we are interested in a long-term relationship, we are looking for someone that embodies Aries energy. Under Juno in Aries, both the positive and negative aspects of Aries, so we have to consider how this energy impacts our approach to being in a relationship with our partners.

The Significance Of Juno in Astrology
In astrology, Juno is the asteroid that represents long-term partnerships, specifically marriage. In Greek mythology, Juno was the dedicated wife of Zeus who was known for her unwavering faithfulness…despite Zeus’ neglect and infidelity. This is a nod toward the complexities of marriage. The vows of for better and worse definitely coincide with Juno energy. As the marriage asteroid, Juno in our natal astrology energies gives us an idea of the type of partner we desire for marriage and/or a long-term relationship. While Venus is about the superficial attractions of love and relationship, Juno is the partner that we want to commit to for the long haul.

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